Campbell County School District Employees Salaries Will Increase Next School Year

May 29, 2019

Credit Campbell County School District

The Campbell County School District's Board of Trustees has approved salary increases for its staff and teachers.

Base pay will increase for both teachers and education support personnel in the next school year. Teaching positions will add $750 to their base pay. Education support personnel will receive a 1.56 percent base increase.

Certified employees for the district will also receive step pay, which means staff can get salary increases based on their experience in the district. Teachers will get an extra $1,100 if they are on the step scale and other staff will get a 3 percent increase if they qualify for step pay.

Staff in the district who are at the top of their pay scales will receive a one-time 1 percent stipend in their salaries over the next school year.

Substitute teacher pay was also increased by $5 per day.

However, the district will no longer pay the .375 percent employee contribution into retirement plans. The district had been paying it for the employees, but with the salary increases, that will be discontinued.

Campbell County School District Superintendent Alex Ayers said the salary increases will help make the district competitive for good teachers and support staff.

"Going into this year, we're tied for 10th in terms of starting teacher salary, this would take us to seventh, but that's pending on other moves other districts might make. So that starting salary is important," Ayers said.

He added the district had been making some cuts in the past to save money. That, coupled with funding from the legislature, put them in the position to offer the increase.

"We're certainly leaner. There's some things we aren't not doing now that we were in the past. But I can tell you the system is functioning well. The ECA provided by the legislature this year was instrumental in that move we were able to make on the salary schedule," Ayers said.

District employees will receive a 1.5 percent stipend this month that's pro-rated for employees hired during this school year. That $1.2 million will come out of this year's budget.

The salary increases for the next school year will cost the district more than $3 million, Ayers said.