Bill Addressing Inconsistencies In School Safety Protocol Moves To House

Jan 25, 2019

Credit screenshot from Will Caldwell's video on Vimeo

While many school districts across the state already create safety and security plans, there's nothing currently in statute requiring them to do so. A school safety and security bill moving through the state legislature would make such plans mandatory.

Senate File 64 would require the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to develop school safety and security guidelines to assist school districts in the development of their own plans. The exact details of the plans would be left up to local school boards. Districts would need to provide specifics in 12 different areas, from mental health interventions to collaborations with local law enforcement.

Baggs Senator Larry Hicks raised concern that the bill might infringe on local control.

"Again, this is a very difficult issue when we are talking about school children and school safety," said Hicks. "But I also try to balance safety with more government mandates on the local levels with the schools, and especially smaller schools with limited staff."

Cheyenne Senator Affie Ellis said she hopes legislation will encourage districts to support each other and exchange best practices. The Senate file passed 19 to 11 and is now being considered by the House.