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Senator says spending on the Developmental Disability waiver program must be reduced

The Wyoming Department of Health has been given the task of cutting some 24 million dollars from the Developmental Disability waiver program.  

The goal would be redistribute that money to try and get services to nearly 600 people who remain on the waiting list.  The waiver program provides money to deliver services to people with disabilities. 

Those who object to the cuts say that the legislature should put more money into the system.  Senator Charles Scott of Casper says that request was denied, but could come up again in the future.    

“I think if the department has made a good and sincere effort and has said look we cannot get enough out there to reduce the waiting list enough.  Then you have a better case to go back for more money.

Scott maintains that some families are getting more funding then they need, but he says those in dire need of services won’t be touched.  He adds that an appeals process will allow individuals to discuss their particular needs and concerns about individual cuts.  Scott says the waiver program is very expensive and the state needs to get a handle on spending in that particular program. 

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