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Climate change not a concern, most House candidates say

At last night’s congressional debate, four out of five candidates for Wyoming’s U.S. House seat said climate change is not a concern.

The three third-party candidates all said they don’t believe that human activities contribute to global warming. Constitution party candidate Daniel Cummings said he thinks the earth is warming because of a natural sun cycle.

“So those who want to put a cap on global warming have got to find a way to turn down the sun,” Cummings said.

Rep. Cynthia Lummis, the Republican incumbent, said she’s also not convinced that humans have anything to do with climate change, and she says even if they do, there’s no use in the U.S. trying to fight it.

“The United States could adopt cap and trade, and unless China and India and Russia do the same thing, it’s not going to matter one wit, because those countries are consuming now a lot more fossil fuels than we are,” Lummis said.

Democratic candidate Chris Henrichsen disagreed. He said he trusts the science that points to humans contributing to climate change, and he says Wyoming should become a leader in cleaner energy technologies.

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