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Consitution Party candidate Daniel Cummings opposes Lummis

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This November, incumbent US House representative Cynthia Lummis will defend her seat against a democrat and three third-party candidates. Among them, physician Daniel Cummings, Constitution Party candidate and owner of a family practice in Casper, Wyoming. If elected to the US house, he says he would do his part to stop any increased spending, which he believes could eventually create a state of national violence and collapse.

Cummings says he focuses on the constitution as a guide for fiscal responsibility. He says it’s not so much what we should cut, as what little we should keep. "Military affairs, freeing commerce from the states, and international affairs. In those affairs, we should be acting as one nation, not as 50 states. Beyond that, everything else should go," says Cummings.

This also includes the Affordable Care Act. "I think it should be repealed lock, stock and barrel," says Cummings, "Every page, every clause. The federal government does not belong in medicine, except maybe providing fringe benefit insurance for medical workers and for the military. That has nothing to do with my work as a doctor."

Despite looking to the US constitution for guidance on fiscal responsibility, there is something Cummings says he would propose changing—he says he would introduce an amendment to repeal Congress’s borrowing authority. Cummings says he would also move to pull the US out of the United Nations, all trade agreements and military alliances.

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