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Fewer Jobless In Wyoming Due To Smaller Workforce

Unemployment rates have dropped in all but four Wyoming counties in the past month.

Teton County saw the greatest drop in joblessness during that time, and Workforce Information Supervisor Tony Glover said this comes as no surprise.

“A lot of that is the pick-up in the tourism, and maybe more people traveling this year than last year,” Glover said.

Teton County’s rate has dropped more than a point since May of 2016, and it’s not alone – every county in Wyoming saw a decline in the annual unemployment rate.

Statewide, the jobless rate of 4.1% is tracking just below the national one of 4.3%. That is nearly two percentage points lower than last year’s rate of 5.6%. But Workforce Information Supervisor Tony Glover said that’s mostly because workers have been moving away.  

“A lot of the decline is due to people that are leaving and going back to their home states [where they’ve been counted] rather than being counted in Wyoming,” Glover said.

The state’s labor force dwindled by 3,000 people since last spring. The state’s next job report should come out in mid-July.  

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