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Wyoming Avalanche Season Deadliest Since 2009

Wikipedia Commons

2016 has been the worst year for avalanche deaths in Wyoming since 2009. So far this year there have been five avalanche deaths in Wyoming, more than any other state.

Bob Comey is a forecaster with the Bridger Teton Avalanche Center. He says part of the problem is that there are more inexperienced people heading into the backcountry.

"You know we have more people going out taking more risks, and some of them are maybe not as knowledgeable and as experienced or prepared as they could be," says Comey.

He says avalanche season isn’t over yet – and might not be for a while.

"People should be on the lookout for avalanches as long as there is snow on steep slopes. And you know on our highest terrain here in Wyoming that can be into June," he says.

Before visiting an area with steep terrain, Comey says people should check conditions. Daily avalanche forecasts are available at jhavalanche.org.

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