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Same-Sex Marriage Here To Stay For Wyoming

Same-sex marriage is now constitutionally guaranteed, here in Wyoming and nationwide.

That’s from Friday’s historic ruling by the Supreme Court.

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Wyoming since October, following a ruling by the 10th Circuit court in Denver.

But this high court decision means there is no longer any question of whether it will be permanent.

Jeran Artery is the head of Wyoming Equality, an LGBT rights advocacy group. He says he’s overjoyed with the ruling, but Wyoming still has a way to go to guarantee equal rights to gay and lesbian people.

“Now we got to make sure that in Wyoming you can’t be fired because you’re gay,” Artery says. “Marriage is a great step, but in Wyoming you can still be fired just because you’re gay.”

A bill that would have banned workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual preference or gender identity was narrowly defeated in the Wyoming legislature earlier this year.

In March, Laramie became the first city in Wyoming to pass a local anti-discrimination ordinance with protections for sexuality and gender identity.

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