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Wyoming Women's Antelope Hunt Kicks Off

Zachary Wheeler

Today marks the first day of the Wyoming Women’s annual Antelope Hunt.

The three-day event is sponsored by the Wyoming Women’s Foundation and brings together 40 women hunters, including guest hunter Ashlee Lundvall, this year’s Ms. Wheelchair USA.

In addition to her pageant title, Lundvall is a stay at home mom and she says that means she contributes to her family’s economic self-sufficiency because it saves them money on childcare.

"I think it’s a good thing to support women however economically self-sufficient looks to them, whether that’s staying at home and making a difference there or whether it’s or going out into the community and working as well," she said.

Lundvall is from Cody, Wyoming, where she helped found the group Wyoming Disabled Hunters. Lundvall will speak at the event about growing the number of female hunters and the opportunities for disabled hunters. 

"The only thing we are missing are more females in chairs. To date I am the only female hunter that has been disabled that has worked with this organization. So I’m always on the hunt for other girls in chairs that would participate," said Lundvall.

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