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Wyoming is a national leader in data center recruitment

Wyoming is aggressively working to attract data centers to the state.  The industry magazine Expansion Solutions recently recognized the Cowboy State’s efforts to accommodate companies looking to build or expand their computing operations.

Wyoming Business Council CEO Bob Jensen says his organization targets trade shows, real estate directors and data management industry publications to promote Wyoming’s offerings, including a cool climate, cheap power, and lots of space to build.

Jensen says Wyoming has a lot of competition to attract these businesses.

“They don’t have a large number of jobs, but the jobs they do provide are very high in terms of their average wage, compared to other jobs in the state,” Jensen says. “As a low-population state, we want to be able to attract industries that make sense for our asset base, but also ones that make sense for our workforce, too.”

Jensen says about a dozen companies have set up data centers in the state, including Microsoft. That company is currently working on two simultaneous construction phases of a new project. By the time they finish, they expect to have spent almost 180 million dollars and created about 40 jobs.

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