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Sen. Enzi helped Sen. Ted Cruz block Senate discussion of Affordable Care Act


Wyoming Republican Senator Mike Enzi helped Texas Senator Ted Cruz hold up the Senate floor for 21 hours as they discussed defunding the Affordable Care Act.

Ted Cruz needed allies in order to hold the Senate floor all day, night and into the morning. Senator Enzi was one of them. He took to the floor to give his friend a break, but also to argue for dismantling the ACA.  

Enzi says the short-term spending bill being debated that would keep the federal government's lights on until mid-November is no way to run the country. 

“It’s been a long time since we’ve got into details on trillions of dollars in spending and the health care is a part of that.” 

If Enzi and others hold out and delay the vote as long as possible, it will leave their House counterparts little time to act, so non-essential government workers might be told to stay home for at least a couple of days next week... Possibly even longer, unless a compromise can be reached. 

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