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Dick Cheney praises energy industry in Wyoming


Former Vice President Dick Cheney addressed attendees at the 17th annual Wyoming Oil and Gas Fair Thursday.

During his speech he praised the industry for helping reduce U.S. reliance on foreign energy, while condemning the Obama administration’s withdrawal from the Middle East.

Discussing hydraulic fracturing and other advances in oil and gas extraction, Cheney said he was impressed by how far the industry has come since he was at Halliburton, but warned it will continue to contend with a “war on fossil fuels.”

“Again, I suspect that part of the resistance to it isn’t geared so much to the idea of fracking itself, as they don’t like what it produces.  They don’t like oil and gas. They’re opposed to fossil fuels. And they’ll find any way they can to stop the technology.”

Cheney also blasted the administration for withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan, and criticized Obama’s handling of the crisis in Syria. He said by withdrawing from Iraq, the administration had left the door open for Chinese companies to move in.

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