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Pro-wolf billboard removed


A group connected with a pro-wolf organization, projectwolf.org, erected three graphic signs along entrance routes to Yellowstone National Park.

The billboards are located in Idaho, Montana and, up until today, Wyoming. They have a banner of blood dripping down over four wolves that have been shot and killed with wording that states, “This is what’s happening to your Yellowstone Wolves. Do you care?”

The owner of the leased billboard is Lamar Outdoor Advertising. General manager Korbe Palmer says that because of the controversy, the company will institute a new policy regarding advertising on their billboards.

“Anything controversial or sensitive in nature will have a disclaimer on it with a ‘paid for by,’” Palmer said.

The person said to be responsible for the ad is Darlene Kobobel, the founder of a wolf sanctuary in Colorado. Of the three billboards, the one in Idaho has been badly vandalized, the one in Cody has been removed after being on display for less than 48 hours, and the Montana one is said to still be intact.

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