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WY Gun Owners Assoc. responds to Obama's gun control legislation

President Obama unveiled gun control legislation today, keeping his promise to focus on the issue after last month’s school shooting in Connecticut. The legislation seeks to strengthen existing laws, expand background checks for gun sales, limit ammunition magazine size, and ban assault weapons.

In anticipation of that move, Wyoming lawmakers have already drawn up legislation that would make federal gun control laws unenforceable in the state and remove restrictions on concealed carry of guns in certain areas.

Executive Director of the Wyoming Gun Owners Association, Anthony Bouchard, says he wants legislators to move faster on considering that legislation, which has not been debated yet.

“This is a serious threat out of Washington D.C. and the legislators of Wyoming need to take that threat serious and they also need to stand up for their constituents in Wyoming.”

Bouchard adds that gun control is an issue for states to act on, not the federal government.  

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