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University of Wyoming researcher honored for cloud seeding work

View from the plane used in cloud seeding research.
Irina Zhorov
View from the plane used in cloud seeding research.

It’s still not clear whether cloud seeding is an effective way to increase rainfall in arid parts of the country, but many in Wyoming hope that it works. 

University of Wyoming Atmospheric Science Professor Bart Geerts won the first-ever National Institutes for Water Resources Program IMPACT award , which recognizes the nation's best federal research projects.  He’s been conducting research on Cloud Seeding in Wyoming.                   

“A lot of research remains to be done to determine whether cloud seeding is effective and under what conditions it can be effective.  At this time little is known about that.”

Geerts says a lot has changed in cloud seeding research and he’s hoping that better technology will provide new answers on thetechnique’s success. 

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