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Coal A Campaign Issue For Both Democrats And Republicans

Rhodium Group

President Obama called for Democrats to offer aid to miners in coal country during his speech to the Democratic National Convention Wednesday. It was just one of several recent attempts by Democratic party leaders to reach out to voters in largely conservative coal states. 

Earlier in the day, Hillary Clinton’s energy policy advisor told the audience at an event hosted by the news organization Politico that Democrats cannot forget coal country.

“We need a serious strategy for economic diversification in those communities that have been the engine of our economy over the past century," said Trevor Houser, a Wyoming native. "And we need to ensure they are the engine of our economy in the century to come."

Houser said innovative people in coal communities will play a big part in diversification, but that the federal government should help as well.

Clinton has proposed giving $30 billion to coal communities to help with the transition away from coal.

The coal industry has also been a focus for Republicans this election season, with Donald Trump promising to bring back coal jobs, while also championing natural gas, coal’s main competitor.

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