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Wind Farm To Get New Avian Observation Tower

Rocky Mountain Power is building a new tower at the Seven Mile Hill Wind Farm in Carbon County, in order to observe bird activity near the farm’s 79 turbines.

Margaret Oler is a spokeswoman for Rocky Mountain Power. She says the tower will be 30 feet tall with a structure at the top for researchers to watch for birds – specifically eagles.

"It will also be equipped with the equipment that the observers will need in order to, in real time, to shut down a turbine if bird activity in the area picks up," says Oler.

Last year, Rocky Mountain Power’s parent company Pacificorp Energy pleaded guilty to violating the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Oler says in response to the lawsuit, the company adopted a Migratory Bird Compliance Plan and has been monitoring birds since 2012.

Construction on the tower is already underway and the project should be finished by next month.

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