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I Love Wyoming Public Radio
I Love Wyoming Public Radio is a campaign aimed at raising awareness about the importance of public radio in Wyoming.

Pete and Lynn Simpson - Cody WY


This is Pete and this is Lynn Simpson.

Lynn: With Wyoming Public Radio we can participate as members of the world, as members of our nation. We can be informed; we have access, what is happening in our lives as Americans.

Pete: It isn’t shrill, it’s reasonable. And in a world of shrillness and sharpness and sound-bites, point is there’s language. There’s depth, there’s reason. This station, this connection, does not abandon reason or thoughtful consideration.


This is Pete and this is Lynn Simpson.

Pete: The value of Wyoming Public Radio is it is one of maybe only a couple of unifiers that this state has. It extends to all of us; it gives us all Wyoming kinds of focuses and or phoresy I suppose that’s the right word. And it gives us some sense of how the world and we are together.

Lynn: Right! You like the word united and I like the word connection. Because when we’re sitting out here in the most beautiful country in the world with the wide open spaces of Wyoming, you can feel disconnected from a lot of things that are happening in the rest of the country and the rest of the world. So I love NPR because it makes me feel as a citizen of the world. Someone who can participate in the great things going on, in culture and politics, connecting us to the world.

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