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Natrona County Schools update visitor management sys, will Require ID for Entry

Natrona County Schools

Natrona County School District now requires an ID from school visitors before entry to school premises. Tanya Southerland, the public relations director of the district, said the new ID requirement is nothing out of the ordinary, but it is part of a routine comprehensive School Safety Plan meant to protect students and staff.

“The raptor system and the requirement for IDs is new for this upcoming year to the Natrona County School District,” said Southerland. “But it is a component of a comprehensive safety plan that addresses multiple safety areas within the Natrona County School District. So it’s an addition to a plan that has already been in place for many years now.”

Further explaining the new development, Christopher Dresang, district director of student support services, explained that this is not a knee-jerk response to the national debate over school safety.

“We all know what’s going on at the national level and the tragedy that befalls different schools. This is merely an update. Our policy before was all pens and paper, well this is bringing us into the 21st century and a more digital approach to ensure safety”, Dresang said.

Dresang said the new visitor management system, in addition to being a seamless sign-in sheet, will also be used for emergency responses, like safe evacuation and reunification of kids with their families.

Schools in Natrona County will now join other districts in the state where IDs are already required before entry.

Friday Otuya is a master's student in International Studies at the University of Wyoming.

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