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WyoTech Becomes A Non-Profit School

On the verge of closing down, the technical school WyoTech has been bought and will now become a non-profit college.  Last week, Zenith Education Group acquired the school and 50 others. The move comes after scandals at WyoTech’s previous owner, Corinthian Colleges forced the company to sell off many of its campuses. . 

As part of the deal, Zenith says they’ll provide debt relief to past and present students. Students who borrowed under Corinthian’s “Genesis Loan Program” will see a 40% drop in their principal balances. Caleb Perriton is WyoTech’s Director of Education and says the sale comes with some relief for the future of the school.

There wasn't a day or two where folks around campus thought 'Boy, is Wyotech gonna be here?'

“There wasn’t a day or two where folks around campus thought “Boy, is Wyotech gonna be here? Are the doors gonna get locked? Are the light going to get turned off?” And the great news in all this is we can definitively say no that’s not happening. We will persist, and we can continue to benefit the lives of our students and provide quality technicians to the industry.”

WyoTech will now be part of the largest non-profit career college system in the nation.

Jordan Giese is a political science major currently working on his bachelor's degree. He has lived in Wyoming all his life but has a focus on both local issues and international stories. He moved to Laramie just last year rediscovering Wyoming and all it has to offer in landspaces, opportunities and people. He has listened to WPR for years and is thrilled to contribute to an important state service and NPR.
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