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Natrona County High School Principal Resigns After Skit Controversy

Screenshot via YouTube

Dean Kelly, the principal at Natrona County High School in Casper resigned Wednesday. The announcement of his resignation followed the news that several staff members were placed on leave for their participation in an inappropriate skit performed at the school.

The Natrona County School District released a video of the incident in question on Tuesday after a records request from the Casper Star-Tribune newspaper. The video and accompanying transcript were redacted to protect privacy.

The video shows two Natrona County High School male employees dressed as cheerleaders performing a sketch at a mandatory back-to-school staff meeting. More than 200 staff and six student council members were in the audience.

The off-color act consisted mostly of sophomoric sex jokes, but the pair also got laughs at the expense of children with disabilities—and by mocking the physical appearances of the high school’s new teachers—who were introduced for the first time to the school at the event.

Complaints about the routine led to an investigation by the school district. Kathleen Dixon is the attorney for Natrona County School District. She says the performance violated district policies.

“We have a sexual or gender anti-harassment policy,” said Dixon. “We also have policies that would be against bullying or hazing. And it is my understanding that those were the policies that we determined were violated by one or more individuals.”

In a letter sent out Wednesday, Principal Dean Kelly said he resigned and will take on another role in the district. Dixon says she expects all of the individuals involved will remain employees of the district. And, she says this was an isolated incident. 

“We are very proud of Natrona County High School and its staff,” said Dixon. “We understand that the actions of a few do not necessarily reflect the culture of the school as a whole.”

Watch the entire video here. Warning: This video contains crude sexual humor and may be inappropriate for children. 

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