2012 Interns

Anna Rader’s Spring 2012 Internship

Anna Rader was an intern for Wyoming Public Media starting in May of 2011 until she graduated from the University of Wyoming in May of 2012. Anna’s last Wyoming Musician Profile as an intern before she graduated was a profile on the Jackson Hole band Screen Door Porch. Working on this profile was such an accomplishment. She had not only improved her radio voice but also editing audio and music. According to Anna, “Grady Kirkpatrick helped me with these profiles since day one, so to finally be at a point where I could create and edit a feature on my own, was an amazing feeling.”

View Anna’s final project

Anna is now WPM's Digital Media Coordinator

Sara Hossaini’s Spring 2012 Internship

In Sara’s second field reporting assignment, she had an opportunity to be a part of a single-issue episode of Open Spaces about a possible new coal-to-oil plant coming to the town. It was a frigid winter day and Sara rode up with Bob. He left for his interview and Sara hung out in the gas station, restaurant and senior center. Lots of fun!

View Sara’s final intern project

Sara worked as a part-time reporter at Wyoming Public Media and is now a reporter for KQUED in San Francisco.