Questions Surround Constitutional Amendment A

Nov 5, 2012

A Constitutional Amendment designed to keep the federal government from deciding what health care Wyoming residents can receive has some uneasy. 

Constitutional Amendment A gives rights to Wyoming citizens and the state over health care decisions, but some worry about a provision that gives the legislature power to determine reasonable and necessary restrictions on someone’s health care rights. 

Wyoming House Judiciary Chairman Kermit Brown originally supported the measure, but now he worries that could give the legislature a lot of authority.  Some worry it could have some unintended consequences and Brown admits it’s a concern.           

“If they are really concerned about that then they are the ones that are going to want to vote no.  Not necessarily because it’s a bad idea, but because it has not been fully vetted and its not fully understood with all its nuances and its consequences.”  

But Cheyenne Senator Leslie Nutting says it simply gives rights to Wyoming citizens and if the health care law gets changed, it would let the legislature determine what is right for Wyoming.                    

Cheyenne ER
Credit Bob Beck

"I think having the amendment in place will give us an advantage rather than a disadvantage in seeing what things we want to keep and what things should go.”

Nutting is the main sponsor of the amendment A and she says most concerns are overblown.