Buffalo H.S. to gain mobile industrial arts lab

Nov 25, 2011

Buffalo High School will receive a $40,000 grant from Devon Energy. The money will go to purchase a mobile lab to offer hands-on plumbing, H-VAC and electrical experience for the school’s industrial arts program.

Principal Chad Bourgeois says the training simulators, paired with guidance from local technical professionals, will provide and edge for students. For example: a 17 year old who wants to be an electrician.

“We can’t have a 17 year-old running wire in a house that’s being built in the city limits," Bourgeois said. "But what they can do is they can work on a simulator that has been certified by a master electrician in our community, and the state licensing body would say, you know, this type of work on this type of work on this type of simulator with this number of hours, we will allow those hours to accrue for a student to have an apprenticeship and go towards a journeyman’s.

Bourgeois credits the woodshop instructor, Clark Chesbro, and Johnson County Assistant Superintendent Jeanie Barent for pursuing the grant opportunity.

Devon Energy awarded 40-thousand-dollar grants to schools and educational organizations in six other states, as well.