Accountability Legislation Vexes Lawmakers

Dec 15, 2015

How to evaluate Wyoming’s teachers and superintendents continues to challenge legislators. 

Earlier this year lawmakers approved an updated accountability measure. They call it ‘phase one,’ and it deals with measuring performance of schools and students. Back in March, they decided to put “phase two”—the part dealing with teacher evaluation—on hold. 

Senator Hank Coe says the Select Committee on Statewide Education Accountability continues to struggle with that piece. He says they will continue to work on it. 

"We did kind of kick phase 2 of accountability in the chops today, but there’s parts of phase 2 that really need to stay. So, we’ll figure out a different mechanism somehow to bring back parts of the bill that we did not consider today. But if we would have voted on it, it would have gone down, it would have been gone."

At the meeting, district superintendents told lawmakers they thought local school districts were best equipped to determine how to measure teacher performance.