Report Quantifies Economic Value Of Recreation In Sage Brush Country

Oct 1, 2014

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A new report by the Western Values Project shows that sagebrush lands create millions in recreation income for the state. The report looked at eleven Western states with large amounts of sage brush. 

Senior Economist Kristin Lee with ECONorthWest-- the firm that calculated the data--says Wyoming brought in the fourth highest revenues after Idaho, Montana and Nevada.

“What we found for Wyoming is that there were almost two million visitors to the sagebrush lands in 2013.  And those visitors spent approximately 87 million within 50 miles of those recreation sites.”

Lee says, nationally, sage brush recreation brought in more than a billion dollars in revenue total. The study looked at Bureau of Land Management data from 2013, and  it determined that the biggest impact came from campers, hunters and off-road-vehicle riders.