Cheney announcement met with shock and sympathy in Wyoming

Jan 6, 2014

Credit Bob Beck / Wyoming Public Radio

Liz Cheney’s announcement Monday that she would be ending her US Senate campaign to address a family health issue was met in Wyoming with both shock and sympathy. 

Former US Senator Alan Simpson said he called and offered his support.  Simpson was among the first to say that a Cheney-Enzi race could hurt the state Republican Party.   But Wyoming National committeewoman Marti Halverson says that wouldn’t have happened.

“I never bought into that and I never saw any of that.  You know there are factions in the Wyoming Republican Party that went one way or the other on this race, but on the whole we would have ended up with a good Republican Senator.”

She was looking forward to seeing Cheney and Senator Mike Enzi square off.

“No…a good lively primary race is always a lot of fun.  But I thought Liz brought some good issues to the table, I think Mike defended his record very well.  I just don’t know what the future holds for Ms. Cheney.”

The Wyoming Republican Party issued a statement saying that Cheney remains a rising star in Wyoming and national politics, and that she’s been a stalwart supporter of the party.

“We look forward to her return when the time is right for her and her family.”

Incumbent Mike Enzi said Liz Cheney and her family are in his thoughts and prayers. Enzi was not pleased when Cheney announced that she was going to run against him in the Republican primary.  But following the announcement, Enzi set that aside.

“I appreciate that Liz called me this morning about her decision.  We had a brief conversation. I am not going to comment on the details.  While it’s not always easy, Diana and I have always believed in putting family first.  We have tremendous respect for Liz’s decision.”

Enzi says he will move forward with his campaign and will remain committed to the job he was elected to do.