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Reversing Ghost Towning: How to Revitalize Rural Western Towns

April 8th, 1:00 p.m. -- The Rural America Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to host The Modern West, an award-winning podcast, for a live episode recording and for an important and necessary discussion. During this special event, the conversation will focus on why towns are declining in the West and strategies for reviving them. The discussion will center upon specific Western towns and how they journeyed back from the brink of ghost towning and their secrets and strategies for doing so.

Further, panelists will focus on rural revitalization efforts on a national scale and related economic development initiatives. The discussion will also reveal some of the global and innovative approaches select communities have embraced in order to save themselves and how communities can and should find power in collecting and sharing stories around their respective visions and goals.

Afterwards, we'll engage with you in a deeper conversation so bring your questions and ideas!

Panelists include:

  • Western economics historian and author Samuel Western to talk about towns he's seen return from the brink of ghost towning and what their secrets were.
  • Charles Durrett, author of "Revitalizing Our Small Towns: Recent Examples from Southern France" will share the totally innovative approach of 77 communities who banded together to save themselves.
  • Jane Lafleur with the Community Heart & Soul Project will discuss how communities can collect their stories and galvanize around shared goals.
  • Rebuilding Together's Caroline Blakely will look at the issue of rural revitalization through the lens of economic development.

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