Cody Firearms Museum

In the late 1930s, the U.S. Army selected the M-1 Garand as its new service rifle. But it turns out that it was quite a controversial decision. 

Cody Firearms Museum

During World War I, while John Browning was working on a heavy machine gun that would use a .50 caliber cartridge, Cody Firearms Museum Assistant Curator Danny Michael said Winchester got the Army contract to create that cartridge.

During World War I, some Winchester Repeating Arms Company employees were eventually exempt from the draft because their skills were essential to the war effort.

You may have heard of a mysterious 137-year-old Winchester rifle that was discovered in Nevada's Great Basin National Park a few years ago. It sparked worldwide interest at the time. Now, it's found a permanent home.

The McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West

If you are a Wild West film fan, then you've probably seen Winchester '73, True Grit and High Noon. Besides being films about the West, all of these films also feature a Winchester Model 1873 rifle. The carbine has widely been credited as being the gun that won the West. Danny Michael, the assistant curator at the Cody Firearms Museum, said the history might be a little iffy on whether the rifle really won the West, but it still may have had an impact.