Laramie River Station

Adjacent Property Owners Map, Laramie River Station -- map in emergency plan
Laramie River Station / Basin Electric Power Cooperative

The Sierra Club, a national conservation group, has threatened the Laramie River Station, LRS, a cooperative, coal-fired power plant near Wheatland, with a lawsuit over its failure to follow certain federal guidelines.

Wyo. power plant listed as top polluter

Jan 4, 2013
Basin Electric Power Cooperative

A national nonprofit called the Environmental Integrity Project has again listed a Wyoming power plant among the most toxic in the U.S.

The group says the Laramie River Station, near Wheatland, is number two in the nation for producing carcinogenic metals, such as as arsenic, chromium and lead. They warn that those pollutants can end up in nearby rivers and streams and can make fish unsafe to eat. The Environmental Integrity Project already listed the facility as a top polluter last year.