forest fenn

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For over a decade, thousands have flocked to the Rocky Mountains in search of a supposed treasure worth at least $2 million. But that treasure hunt is over now.

People are searching the Mountain West for a hidden chest containing something dubbed the “Fenn treasure.” Some are getting injured trying.

Treasure Hunting Leads To Mishaps

Jun 19, 2015
The Thrill of the Chase (A Memoir)

Treasure hunters had to be rescued from Wyoming’s backcountry twice in two years.

They were looking for the Forrest Fenn treasure chest. The multimillionaire from Santa Fe buried a box full of gold and jewels in the Rockies a few years ago. But the latest treasure hunt cost Park County, Wyoming a lot of time and money. Yellowstone officials say they’re having the same problem with other treasure hunters.

When Park County’s Search and Rescue is called to help people lost in the backcountry, they face some of the most rugged and remote terrain in the lower 48.