Drug Testing

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What do you think about proposals to drug test high school students involved in extracurricular activities?

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Last year, when Tongue River High School students Taylor Holiday and Kylee Knobloch were asked to come up with a project for their leadership club, they decided to tackle a real-world problem.

“There was a few kids in our school that seemed to be struggling with drugs a little bit,” says Holiday. “So we thought, ‘what if we could make the change in this school that helped kids get away from issues like that?’”

The Wyoming house voted to introduce a bill that would require people applying for public assistance to submit to drug testing. If an applicant tests positive for controlled substances, his or her eligibility would be suspended.
Republican Sue Wallis of Recluse supported the bill. She says drug testing is a normal part of many jobs, so it’s fair to require it of people receiving state support.