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Blackjewel has yet to publicly announce any plans to reopen the gates at Eagle Butte or Belle Ayr mines this week. That would require a hearing to confirm long-term debtor-in-posession (DIP) financing - an elusive prospect for a company that's struggled to secure much cash in court.

Informational session held for former Blackjewel employees
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Former Blackjewel workers still have health insurance. Twenty to 30 percent of dislocated employees have found new jobs. Not all mine customers have abandoned Blackjewel. That's the good news coming from Brandy Elder, Blackjewel's Human Resources manager, at an information session in Gillette on Monday.

Blackjewel LLC Operations
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A shovel operator named J.D. Dietsche went to work at the Eagle Butte coal mine, owned by Blackjewel, on July 1 expecting a normal day. It wasn’t long before he learned that would not be the case.

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It's been two days since Blackjewel LLC abruptly filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and locked the gates at its two Wyoming mines. It turned out the West Virginia private company was in a more financially dire situation than many knew. The early stages did not go as planned, but the presiding judge has approved $5 million in interim funds.

Since 4 p.m. yesterday, Gillette's Wyoming Workforce Center has seen 160 people visit from Blackjewel. This morning, the center opened up early and still had people lined up at the door. The West Virginia coal company Blackjewel LLC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday and has since closed the doors to its mines due to a lack of cash.

Blackjewel map of operations
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UPDATE 07/02/19 1:21 p.m.

Blackjewel lawyers filed several documents with the court imploring them for an emergency hearing on supplementary debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing. The company has found an alternative DIP structure with funding coming from an "interested third-party." Without the funding, the Chapter 11 bankrutpcy could turn into a Chapter 7.

Doc 14-2 Exhibit B - a map of Blackjewel's Wyoming assets
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Blackjewel LLC, a West Virginia-based coal company, has voluntary filed for relief under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. The company operates 32 properties and holds more than 500 mining permits around the country. Blackjewel acquired its two Wyoming assets, the Eagle Butte and Belle Ayr mines, in late 2017 through Alpha Natural Resources bankruptcy.

Screenshot of Environmental Quality Council before hearing Mark Thrall

Contura Coal West would like to renew and transfer permits for the Belle Ayr and Eagle Butte mines over to another coal company: Blackjewel. In August 2018, Wyoming's Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) deemed the permit application technically complete.

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A coal company in the Powder River Basin has avoided paying millions in personal and property taxes to Campbell County. Blackjewel has fallen delinquent $8,647,576.23 in taxes primarily from production, according to Campbell County attorney Carol Seeger. They were due last year. On March 1, another $8 million will come due. If the company doesn't pay it by May 10, it will be considered delinquent.