I Love Wyoming Public Radio

David Monroe - Jackson, WY

May 9, 2019

David love Wyoming Public Radio because he can trust the stories produced by the reporters. He love that the content is entertaining, engaging and informative.  

Janel Seeley & TK Stoudt - Laramie, WY

May 7, 2019
Photos retrieved from LinkedIn

While Janel was out of town,  TK signed them up to become members of the leadership circle. They love Wyoming Public Radio and are happy to be supporters. 

Phoenix LaVigne - Laramie, WY

May 7, 2019

Phoenix loves Wyoming Public Radio because it produces Classical Wyoming. She loves that she can listen to music she loves, while still staying informed with news.

Mike Vanata - Laramie, WY

May 6, 2019

Mike loves Wyoming Public Radio because it is so informative. He loves that the quality of reporting in Wyoming Public Radio news stories. 

Paula Egan-Wright - Turkey

Apr 24, 2019
Paula Egan-Wright

Paula love that Wyoming Public Radio provides her with well-rounded news coverage. She loves that she is able to stream Wyoming Public Radio from outside the country, and can listen to her favorite programs even with the time difference. 

Peggy McCrackin - Laramie, WY

Apr 23, 2019
Peggy McCrackin

I love everything about Wyoming Public Radio, from the in-depth and balanced local, regional, national and international news to the engaging programming like Wait, Wait Don't Tell me, Science Friday, and This American Life to the unique music programs like Wyoming Sounds, E-Town, and Ranch Breakfast. I love listening to WPR while I am working all alone on the farm. It is my constant companion and when a great song comes on Wyoming Sounds, I can dance like nobody is watching.

Chelsea Lowry - Laramie, WY

Mar 28, 2019

Chelsea loves Wyoming Public Radio because it provides content that fits her need. She loves that it provides state and global news, jazz music and thought-provoking entertainment.  

Jonathan Updike - Palo Alto, CA

Mar 27, 2019

Jonathan loves Wyoming Public Radio because he realized that it helped him view the wider world around him when he was younger. Wyoming Public Radio keeps Jonathan connected to the state of Wyoming after moving. 

Lori Bantekas - Jackson, WY

Feb 8, 2019
Lori Bantekas

Lori is a member of the leadership circle. She loves WPR because she depends on it for her news and entertainment during long drives. 

Caitlin Tan - Pinedale, WY

Feb 8, 2019
Caitlin Tan

Caitlin has grown up listening to WPR and has continued to do so. She loves WPR because of the outreach into arts and culture stories and in-depth feature stories. 

Tony Hoch - Centennial, WY

Feb 8, 2019

Tony has been listening to WPR for thirty years. He loves WPR for all the programs it offers like Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me and Science Friday.  

Paul Heimer - Laramie, WY

Feb 8, 2019

Paul loves WPR because he loves listening to Wyoming Sounds and Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me, as well as all the national and local news coverage. 

Laurie Nichols - University Of Wyoming President

Feb 8, 2019
University of Wyoming

Laurie believes that every time a person listens to WPR something can be learned. She loves WPR because it is an extension of our education. 

Wyoming Arts Council

Michael loves that WPR is focused on arts and culture. He believes that WPR's focus helps drive people to arts and cultural events in the community.  

Susan Moldenhauer - Laramie, WY

Feb 8, 2019
Susan Moldenhauer

Susan loves WPR because it offers programs like Wyoming Sounds. She thinks that Wyoming Sounds gives people around the country the opportunity to hear musicians from around the state along with well know music. 

Evan Gwin - Laramie, WY

Feb 5, 2019

Evan is a local musician, he listens to WPR every day. He loves WPR because he believes it is by the people, for the people and helps keep our community connected. 

Elijah True - Buffalo, WY

Feb 5, 2019

Elijah grew up listening to WPR and never stopped. He loves WPR because he enjoys several of the programs including A Way With Words and the state and regional news.  

Deb Smith - Laramie, WY

Feb 5, 2019

Deb is a sustaining member of WPR. She loves WPR because she enjoys the jazz station and news she can count on. 

Dan Hayward - Laramie, WY

Feb 5, 2019

Dan has been listening to WPR for twenty-three years. He loves WPR because he can listen to it and Wyoming Sounds anywhere he goes on his travels. 

Brittany Laughin - Jackson, WY

Feb 5, 2019

Brittany loves WPR because she believes it is a valuable resource and outlet for the world. 

Bonnie Heidel - Laramie, WY

Feb 4, 2019

Bonnie believes that WPR is one of her basic needs next to air and water. She loves WPR because it captures the best of Wyoming. 

Anne Mason - Laramie, WY

Feb 4, 2019

Anne listens to Morning Edition every day. She loves WPR because it became a part of how she understands the world, and what it means to be a Wyomingite.  

Angela Flint - Lander, WY

Feb 4, 2019

Angela has been living in Wyoming for sixteen years now. She loves and supports WPR because she believes that it is a true representation of Wyoming. 

Andrew Carson - Jackson Hole, WY

Feb 4, 2019

Andrew and his wife are members of the leadership circle, supporting WPR. He loves WPR because of its accurate and objective news coverage as well as its statewide coverage. 

Amy Albrecht - Sheridan, WY

Feb 1, 2019
Amy Albrecht and www.sheridancvc.org/who-are-we/

Amy is a Wyoming transplant and listens to WPR all day, everyday. She loves WPR because she feels like she gets so much more out of public radio and donates regularly.  

Angela DeWolf King - LaPorte, Indiana

Jan 31, 2019
University of Wyoming

Angela listens to WPR daily, and often reccomends Wyoming Sounds to friends and family traveling within the state. She loves that WPR is commited to sharing the music of local artists. 

Tim Sullivan - Laramie, WY

Jul 9, 2018
Albany County, Wyoming

Lifelong Laramie resident and long time Wyoming Public Radio listener Tim Sullivan speaks on his connection to the value public radio holds. From touring the towers when KUWR began when he was in high school to listening to new programs like Wyoming Sounds, Tim enjoys the programming and enjoys having Wyoming Public Radio as a friend.

Bob Austin

Alpine resident, Bob Austin, recalls the early years of Wyoming Public Radio (KUWR) where he served as Program Manager and hosted both a classical music and a jazz program with reel to reel tape machines and turntables. (1967-68)

Ron McIntosh - Laramie, WY

Apr 5, 2018

Ron McIntosh, a Laramie artist, recalls his music show, Night Waves, that he hosted on Wyoming Public Radio in 1985.

Walt Gasson - Laramie, WY

Mar 7, 2018
Walt Gasson

Walt Gasson is 4th generation Wyomingite, a husband, a father, a grandfather, and a conservationist. He supports news where truth takes a back seat to profit and bias. He believes that Wyoming special and its public radio station gets that.