Melodie Edwards

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Renee and her husband bought a home just outside Guernsey with plans to raise a family there. (We're not using their real names to protect children's identities.)

Register Cliff – Guernsey

Jan 2, 2015
Wyoming State Parks - Guernsey

Register Cliff served as a “register” for pioneers crossing the country on the Oregon Trail. The wall, which consists of soft sandstone, made it easy for emigrants to leave signatures advising later travelers that they had made it this far. The names carved on the wall go back as far as 1847 and remain visible today. Sandstone cliffs to the east and west of Register Cliff also contain many well-preserved emigrant signatures.

Hiland Crude, LLC.

There’s a huge, mostly invisible web of pipelines crisscrossing the country that make it possible for our stoves to light and our cars to turn on. Those pipelines run from oil and gas producing regions to refineries and processing plants, crossing miles of private property along the way. The people whose land they cross don’t often benefit, but a new strategy may help.

Several remote communities in the state will be able to receive better internet service in the near future.  Visionary Communications has announced a plan to expand its fiber optic line to connect the towns of Chugwater, Guernsey, Pinedale and Torrington to the rest of the state.