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Archives on the Air 299: In Favor of Prohibition – E.O. Fuller Papers

The 18th Amendment of the Constitution established the prohibition of alcohol in the U.S. But by 1931, popular opinion had begun to turn. Still, many religious leaders railed against those who wanted prohibition repealed.

Cheyenne minister Reverend Irven Brackett Wood was one of those religious leaders. He delivered lengthy sermons on the topic. Wood raised the specter of lawyers arguing court cases with brains befuddled by alcohol or boy and girls being taught by whiskey tipplers.

And what of the 26 million automobiles that might be driven by drivers under the influence.

Then there was the threat of too many working men drinking away their paychecks.

Alcohol, Wood claimed, was the greatest common destroyer of the human race.

Read the entire sermon against the repeal of prohibition in the E.O. Fuller papers at UW’s American Heritage Center.