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Archives On The Air 141: Batman Hate Mail—William Dozier Papers

The 1960s Batman TV show was campy. Many fans of the Batman comic thought it was cheesy. Executive producer William Dozier received this letter in 1966: 

"Dear Mr. [Dozier] and Mr. Butler, I congratulate you, you did it. You mutilated Batman beyond absorption.

"I was quite thrilled with the Superman series because it [cast] a strong man in the leading role. Then came your series. In the first adventure the Riddler, you must admit looked stronger than your Batman."

"Maybe Batman needs publicity, well he's getting it. I believe it to be all bad. From what I hear, you aren't getting good reviews. As a means to pass time, the students at the university I am attending are debating the reason why you are killing Batman."

See more fan mail and hate mail in the William Dozier papers at UW's American Heritage Center.