Telemetry: The sound of science in Yellowstone

Telemetry is a sound safari from the world’s first national park. The name refers to the wireless transmission of information, often via radio waves, from one location to another. Telemetry helps transmit some of Yellowstone National Park’s scientific investigations to listeners, wherever they are. Each episode offers surprising stories and in-depth reporting highlighting science and issues in the region.


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Telemetry: Special 3

Oct 11, 2019
Jennifer Jerrett

In this episode, we're turning up the heat—both on and under the landscape.

Telemetry: Special 2

Oct 11, 2019
NPS/Neal Herbert

In our second show, we explore some carnivores of Yellowstone! One comes in gray or black; the other has spots and stripes. Both are fascinating, but what makes each species tick is totally surprising.

Telemetry: Special 1

Jul 26, 2019
NPS Photo / Neal Herbert

Up first in this episode, what do scientists do when they're racing to understand the rarest breeding bird in the state of Wyoming? Whatever it takes. Then, what can one tiny organism tell us about the health of an entire ecosystem?