I Love Wyoming Public Radio

I Love Wyoming Public Radio is an initiative to raise awareness for Wyoming Public Radio in Wyoming. It works in conjunction with the grassroots initiative Protect My Public Media initiative to ensure the future of public radio in Wyoming as well as to highlight public radio's impact across our communities. You can be a big part of this initiative and help Wyoming Public Radio. All it takes it a minute of your time! Just think what it is you appreciate about Wyoming Public Radio or any of Wyoming Public Media's music channels, and fill out the form below.

We include these written or recorded testimonials as support material for grants, fundraising material, and for other instances where strong community engagement is needed to show Wyoming Public Radio's value to Wyoming. This is very important to Wyoming Public Radio, granting organizations, as well as state and federal entities, who want to know that their resources are being spent on a service that people value. This is where you come in. By making the testimonial you show that you value Wyoming Public Radio.

Join fellow listeners, community leaders, elected officials, and all friends of Wyoming Public Radio by provide YOUR testimonial, recorded or written, reflecting the benefits of Wyoming Public Radio to you. We welcome your support!

A selection of testimonials from Wyoming listeners

Contact your elected officials to help advocate for public radio in Wyoming

Communities across the state also issued official proclamations back in 2014 and 2015 when this campaign was first established, feel free to check out the proclamations here.


Sarah Brown Matthews - Laramie, WY

Feb 27, 2018

Sarah Brown Matthews loves the opportunity to belong to a radio station that cares about its members and its content, and she says that she hasn't found that in many other states. She loves listening to Wyoming Sounds 103.5 FM in Laramie!

Tyler Matheney - Cheyenne, WY

Feb 27, 2018
Tyler Matheney

Wyoming State Highway Patrolman Tyler Matheney talks about how Wyoming Public Radio has become a companion on his 8 to 10 hour shifts in the patrol car. He finds the programming to be honest and intellectually stimulating, so he supports WPR with a monthly sustaining membership.

Jeremy Minor - Jackson, WY

Feb 22, 2018
Jeremy Minor

In his past 17 years in Wyoming, he has come to love all aspects of Wyoming Public Radio. On his early morning work days, he loves being exposed to world news, Morning Edition, and Morning Music. On his late night shifts, he loves setting the tone for his shift with Classical Wyoming. He and his family support Wyoming Public Radio because its too important of a resource to lose.

Paula McNearny and RJ Bragg - Granite Canyon, WY

Feb 22, 2018

RJ and Paula talk about being able to take Wyoming Public Radio with them wherever they go, even Antarctica! They enjoy listening to a top-notch station and volunteering at the station. 

Sherril Bailey - Rawlins, WY

Feb 20, 2018
Sherril Bailey

Sherril is a retired teacher from Michigan who moved to Rawlins in 2000. She feels that her experience of moving across the country has allowed her to gain a greater appreciation for Wyoming Public Radio's eclectic mix of news and programming because she's heard other stations first hand. Sherril says she was encouraged by her father to set aside money for entertainment, and for her, that money becomes her Wyoming Public Radio sustaining donation.  

Mike Ellerd - Bozeman, MT

Feb 19, 2018
Mike Ellerd

Mike Ellerd from Bozeman, MT talks about why he loves and supports Wyoming Public Radio, even though he and his wife don't live in the state. Mike says Wyoming Public Radio hosts and personalities are a family for him, and the unbiased news and great music makes it the best public radio station he has come across.

Emily Shaw - Reston, VA

Feb 19, 2018

Emily Shaw is a student at the University of Wyoming from Reston, VA. She talks about her favorite programs, why she loves volunteering and contributing to Wyoming Public Radio, and how listening on her smart speaker starts her day off right.

Nicholas Taylor - Savannah, GA

Feb 7, 2018

Nick is a huge fan of Jazz Wyoming and loves being able to connect to his Georgia Roots while earning a  masters in passive seismology from the University of Wyoming Department of Geology and Geophysics. 

Terry Roark - Laramie, WY

Feb 5, 2018

Terry Roark, President Emeritus of the University of Wyoming, talks about the importance of keeping Wyoming connected to national and state updates in the times of financial uncertainty.

Rosalind Schliske - Cheyenne, WY

Feb 5, 2018
Rosalind Schliske

Leadership Circle donor Roz Schliske uses Wyoming Public Radio's eclectic programming to fill the void that television used to. She says she loves that her brain is engaged and entertained. 

Rollin Abernathy - Laramie, WY

Feb 5, 2018

Retired UW professor Rollin Abernathy speaks on the importance of Wyoming Public Radio to the daily life of he and his wife Carolyn and why they chose to donate to the Leadership Circle.

Nancy Ayers - Jackson, WY

Feb 5, 2018

Nancy talks about why she and her husband became members of the Leadership Circle and the importance of non-partisan news.

Michelle McCormack - Wilson, WY

Feb 5, 2018

Michelle talks about her love for local music programming and sends a shout out from herself, her husband Shannon, and their dog Stella.

Larry Wolfe - Cheyenne, WY

Feb 5, 2018

Leadership Circle Member Larry Wolfe talks about the interconnectedness provided by Wyoming Public Radio's ability to "knit" the state together.

Katie Hogarty - Sheridan, WY

Feb 5, 2018

Katie Hogarty talks about how important it is to stay connected and get involved with trustworthy news in our state's communities. 

Jon Wiebe

Jon Wiebe talks about the role public radio played in his childhood and the family bonding it inspires. 

Jill Baldauf - Jackson, WY

Feb 5, 2018
Jill Bauldauf

Jill Baldauf speaks on Wyoming Public Radio and its intellectual stimulation, unbiased discussion, and importance to future generations.

Jennifer Tennican - Jackson, WY

Feb 5, 2018

Filmmaker Jen Tennican shares what she loves about Wyoming Public Radio and why she thinks YOU should donate.

J Shogren - Centennial, WY

Feb 5, 2018

J Shogren talks about how his contribution has changed since his days as a student at the University of Wyoming.

Dr. Mark Dowell - Casper, WY

Feb 5, 2018

Mark Dowell tells Wyoming Public Radio why he donates at the Leadership Circle level to keep Wyoming Public Radio's funding stable.

Dr. Brent Blue - Jackson, WY

Feb 5, 2018

Dr. Brent Blue calls in from Jackson, WY to tell us about his appreciation for state and national news.  

Dan Brecht - Wheatland, WY

Feb 5, 2018

Dan Brecht rode in from Wheatland to tell us about his love for Wyoming Public Radio and how his contribution to unbiased news and great entertainment has changed over time.

Christa Branch - Laramie, WY

Feb 5, 2018

Christa Branch stopped in for a quick testimonial before her move to Ranchester, WY. She uses the WPR App to listen to news and programming no matter where she goes!

Even Brande - Laramie, WY

Nov 14, 2017
Wyoming Public Radio & Media

Even Brande describes why he listens to Wyoming Public Radio. Shown here in the studio with Grady Kirkpatrick, co-hosting Wyoming Sounds on the anniversary of the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album release, May 30, 2017.

Nancy Leon - Wilson Listener

Apr 3, 2017
Nancy Leon

My husband and I listen to WPR first thing every day, as a well-balanced , reliable source of local, regional, national and international news. We listen in the car and while we prepare our meals.

WPR connects us with other people and current events in WY, the only radio station to provide good coverage across our state.

We also listen to NPR as our first choice when we travel to other states, as our most valuable and reliable source of news and current affairs.

Rebecca Martinez Fitzgerald - WUNC ME Producer & Former WPR Reporter

Mar 31, 2017
Rebecca Martinez

Hi, WPR Team!

I had the wonderful privilege of working in the newsroom from 2011-2013. I was also there for one of the early Pet Wednesday pledge drive promotions. It was so much fun to hear how excited the listeners got about shout-outs for their cats and dogs (and sheep and horses and goats and chickens and iguanas)! The News team even dressed up as animals once!

Nancy Watkins

My husband and I are North Carolina residents, but have had a home in Jackson for many years. Until our recent retirement, we were not able to spend extended time in Wyoming.

This is our first winter stay and for the first time, we brought our “girls” with us. Even though we have had an excellent caretaker at home, there was no way we were going to leave Lily, 12-years-old and blind, and Roxie, 9-years-old, for the winter.        

Judy Lurie - Jackson Listener

Feb 23, 2017
Judy Lurie

It’s like starting my day with a friend.

NPR makes the news come alive, makes me feel connected. 
Were there no NPR, I’d be lonely.

Judy Lurie

Jackson, WY

Katie Younger - Hulett Listener

Feb 15, 2017
Katie Younger

See, I would have missed that wonderful interview with Ramon Djawadi if not for you!! When I moved here from Utah I was SO afraid I wouldn't have my NPR out here in the boonies (Hulett)...but imagine my surprise at your AMAZING statewide coverage. I love being treated like an adult with your thought-provoking interviews and reporting; I very much appreciate your in-depth coverage of Wyoming issues; and I can't do without my "Wait, wait" fix or your morning music. Thanks for keeping me thinking, smiling, crying, and jiving!

Marjane Ambler & Terry Wehrman - Listening From The Banks of Colorado River

Feb 14, 2017
Marjane Ambler & Terry Wehrman

We are snowbirds so we stream Wyoming Public Radio every morning to keep in touch with state news, including the work of the Wyoming Legislature. 

At this time in our country's history, it is especially important to find news that we can trust. As a lifetime journalist I cannot listen to clearly biased media on either side, but NPR satisfies my need to hear viewpoints from across the political spectrum.  Plus your weather reports shame us into not whining about weather down here on the Colorado River.  
Marjane Ambler & Terry Wehrman