Yellowstone Opens For Winter Tourism

Dec 18, 2015

Credit U.S. National Park Service

Yellowstone National Park is now open for winter tourism. Park guests can purchase guided tours for cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing and snowmobiling. This is also the second year the park will let snowmobilers get permits to enter the park without commercial guides.

Amy Bartlett with Yellowstone National Park says guests visiting the park in the winter time should be prepared.

"You know our roads can change, our conditions can change at a moment’s notice. And so people should come prepared for any kind of conditions. You know they should have the correct equipment in their car if they’re traveling by vehicle in the northern end of the park, or have enough gear and dress in enough layers to be prepared for any kind of conditions," says Bartlett.

Bartlett says the National Park System will kick off its centennial year celebrations in January.