Yellowstone National Park - Bike Trails

Apr 3, 2017

Bicyclists willing to brave the unpredictable elements of spring in Yellowstone National Park can travel 49 miles of park roads from the West Entrance at West Yellowstone, Montana, to Mammoth Hot Springs. There is no bicycle access to Old Faithful or Canyon until the first interior park roads open to public motorized vehicle access in late April.

Bicyclists are required to ride single file and follow all other rules of the road. Cyclists should expect to encounter and yield to snowplows or other motorized vehicles operated by park employees or construction workers traveling in conjunction with park operations. Bicyclists should be prepared to encounter bears, bison, elk, wolves, and other wildlife at any time. Riders are strongly encouraged to carry bear spray, be prepared to turn around when encountering wildlife on the road, and must stay out of closed areas. No services are available along these sections of road.

Spring trails can be found on this NPS site. View Yellowstone bike trails on the Yellowstone National Park page.

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