Yellowstone Issue of National Geographic Hits Newsstands

May 2, 2016

Credit National Geographic

National Geographic magazine has just released a new issue dedicated completely to Yellowstone National Park. But you might have to hustle to get your copy.

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the National Park system, National Geographic committed an entire issue to the country’s first national park: Yellowstone. Nature writer David Quammen lives in Montana and wrote all the articles for the issue. He says it’s available online and it hit newsstands this last weekend.

“I’ve heard there are a few places around the country, more than a few, where it’s already sold out,” he says. “But I hope it’s still available in Wyoming. So check out your local newsstands. And if it’s not there, check out your local dental waiting room.”

He says Wyomingites have a huge role to play in the park’s future.

“Although it belongs to all of America, it’s the people who live in and around the Yellowstone ecosystem who enjoy the benefits continually, but also pay some the inevitable costs of wildness,” he says. “And so we need to work together in civil discourse, we need to have a little patience and we need to support this place.”

Quammen says in its 128 year history, the magazine has never committed an entire issue to one place before and there are no plans to do so in the future.