Y Cross Ranch manager laments missed opportunities

Feb 17, 2012

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In the late 1990’s the University of Wyoming and Colorado State University were given a gift.  It’s 53 thousand acres of land 30 miles west of Cheyenne called the Y Cross.  It was donated to be available to be used for research from ranching to Geology.  But recently the ranch has been engaged in some controversy.  The foundations of U-W and C-S-U are looking to sell it, which has enraged the donor.   And there is discussion that one interested buyer is  Doug Samuelson.  Samuelson has offered to sell a much smaller section of land to the state to be used to protect Laramie’s aquifer, but Samuelson through his attorney Phil Nicholas had pushed to swap the aquifer land for the Y Cross, but was denied.  But setting all that aside, ranch manager Manny Monserrate tells Bob Beck he’s saddened that opportunities he says were given to a number of students through the Y Cross could be going away.