Wyoming's Only Ethanol Plant Is Shutting Down

Aug 27, 2015

Due to falling gas prices and the end of a Wyoming tax credit, the state’s only ethanol plant is closing its doors. 

The tax credit expired in July, but current gas and corn prices also added to the demise of Goshen County business Wyoming Ethanol.

Goshen County Economic Development Director Ashley Harpstreith said 18 workers will be displaced, but she’s hopeful that this is a temporary shutdown. 

"They laid off temporarily and they’re hoping that when those oil prices raise they might open back up. We’re also working with the business council and the company that owns Wyoming Ethanol at looking at some other creative financing."

Harpstreith said they are also working on ways to find employment for the 18 workers in an effort to keep them in the community. This comes months after Holly Sugar indicated it will be shutting down operations in Goshen County. But Harpstreith added that this has actually been a time for prosperity for Torrington’s downtown—with several new businesses opening up. She says the long-term impact on the Wyoming Ethanol shutdown will take a while to process.