Wyoming's Episcopal Bishop Wants A Statewide Discussion On Gun Violence

Jul 22, 2015

Wyoming’s Episcopal Bishop John Smylie wants the state to have a conversation about gun violence following shootings that killed three men and seriously injured another this week.

Credit Courtesy of the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming

Smylie says the shooting of two people at a detox center in Riverton and the shooting of two people at a Cheyenne business shows him that gun violence issues across the country have come to Wyoming.  

“This is a conversation that we need to have and more than a conversation. I mean these are concerns that really do affect the people of Wyoming, we can’t isolate ourselves. The other place where I think gun violence is a huge problem that we are not addressing is suicide by gun.”  

Smylie wants a thoughtful discussion that hopefully separates issues of freedom and liberty from destruction and violence. 

“Try to really get into the core of what is it that causes us to first of all,  love our guns so much,  and secondly use our guns in such a way that we are not valuing the dignity of every human being, we’re not valuing life.”

Smylie said the solutions could include changing some current laws. 

He said  part of the discussion should center on poverty issues facing Wyoming and how to address mental health.