Wyoming's Delegation Angry About The Capitol Attack

Jan 6, 2021

Screen shot from Washington, D.C. reporter Matt Laslo's Twitter video.
Credit Matt Laslo

Members of Wyoming's Congressional Delegation were quickly moved to safety after a group of pro-Trump extremists overtook the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan 6.

All three members of the delegation expressed anger about the insurrection, including newly sworn-in Sen. Cynthia Lummis, who was part of a small group of Republican senators protesting the electoral votes that both the House and Senate were considering at the time of the attack.

Lummis said she was using the democratic process to address grievances but called the attack on the capitol "an attack on democracy."

Sen. John Barrasso tweeted that "violence and destruction have no place in our republic." During an interview with NBC, Rep. Liz Cheney expressed her anger.

"We have very deep and political differences in this country, so we don't resolve those differences by mob violence."

Cheney blamed President Trump for ramping up the rhetoric and causing the violence. Earlier in the day Cheney was among those Trump attacked on Twitter for her support of the outcome of the election.