Wyomingites To March For Science

Apr 14, 2017

Credit Caravan to March for Science-Laramie

Communities across Wyoming are joining the National March for Science next Saturday to recognize the field’s contributions to the public.

Joan Anzelmo, one of the organizers of the Jackson march, said she hopes to demonstrate that science is universally important to people’s lives.

“Science does save lives every single day, whether you’re thinking about the medical field or other kinds of technology,” Anzelmo said. “Here in Wyoming, weather forecasting is so critically important year-round, but certainly in the winter.”

Anzelmo added that she and other organizers in Jackson have not invited political leaders to speak because the event is non-partisan.

“We are only interested in showing how important science is in our everyday lives, how it saves lives, how it makes our lives better. So if you get the message across, then hopefully there would be general support, and it wouldn’t have to be so political,” Anzelmo said.

Anzelmo said that the event does seek to promote funding for research and the need for science to inform decision making in government.

Geologist Dr. Bob Smith and local behavioral scientist Ryan Burke will speak at a rally in Jackson following the 10 o'clock walk. Satellite events are also scheduled in Laramie, Yellowstone, and other Wyoming towns.