Wyoming Wildlife Advocates Urges Game And Fish To Not Allow Trophy Hunting Of Grizzlies

Nov 20, 2017

Credit Credit Grizzly bear on Swan Lake Flats, Yellowstone National Park; Jim Peaco

As the Wyoming Fish and Game Department hosts public meetings statewide on grizzly bear management  — some organizations are citing economic detriment as a reason not to allow trophy hunting of grizzly bears.

Wyoming Wildlife Advocates, a Jackson Hole-based organization, released a statement last week urging the fish and game department to not allow trophy hunting of grizzly bears in Teton County and near any national parks. Roger Hayden, the executive director of Wyoming Wildlife Advocates, said trophy hunting of grizzly bears would cause economic detriment to the county.

“We think trophy hunting would turn a lot of people off, who would come and visit, come and spend money and they would just go elsewhere,” said Hayden.

Teton county’s economy relies strongly on tourism. Just last year, tourism alone brought in over $1 billion. In April of last year - the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce — which represents close to 1,000 local businesses in the area — wrote a  letter addressed to the Game and Fish department expressing similar concerns. Tourism is Wyoming’s second largest industry after oil, gas and minerals.