Wyoming is wary about the fire season

May 3, 2012

Officials are warning that despite current wet weather, the risk of statewide fire danger will be high in the coming months.

Bill Crapser is Wyoming’s State Forester. He says, so far, this spring has seen a large amount of fires due to drier weather… and despite recent spates of rain and snow and a temporary reduction in fires, Crapser says he expects more in the near future.

"The National Weather Service and all of their forecasts are for a warmer, dryer than normal summer season. So given the fuels that were out there from last year, because of the amount of moisture we had, given the pine beetle situation in a lot of our forests, we’re, predicting a fairly active fire season. "

Crapser says lightning strikes have been the most common culprit in starting fires this year , but he also says humans are also to blame – especially because of fires cause by hot mufflers on A-T-V’s and trucks.

Wyomingites are urged to use caution in the coming weeks and months to prevent wildlife fires.