Wyoming Students' ACT Scores Remain Stable

Aug 18, 2015

Credit pixabay.com

The percentage of Wyoming high school students scoring proficient or advanced on this year’s ACT is slightly lower than last year--but only by a couple of percentage points. 

That’s according to statewide high school assessment data released Tuesday by the Wyoming Department of Education.

"It is very stable," says State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow. "Not up, not down--from last year."

Eleventh graders took the ACT this spring. Thirty-one percent of students scored proficient or advanced in reading and science. Thirty-eight percent scored proficient or advanced in math.

Next week, ACT data will be released nationwide—and Wyoming can compare its scores to those of the 12 other states that require all their students to take the test.

Balow says the scores are one piece of a bigger picture.

“It really is the first in a series of data that we receive about high school students that schools will then in turn use to make meaningful data-driven decisions about student achievement,” Balow says.

The average composite score in Wyoming this year was 19.8 out of a possible 36. The average composite score across the country last year was 21.

The data out Tuesday also shows how 9th and 10th graders did on the pre-tests leading up to the ACT.